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Andrea Hair Growth Essense(Buy1 take 1)

Don't let your hair fall stress you out! Whether it's due to chemical services, weather changes or stress itself, this paraben-free anti-hair fall treatment is for you!

Treatment for fragile scalps and hair that is prone to falling out that stimulates skin microcirculation and improve scalp elasticity contrasting hair loss. Its formula is particularly recommended for hair loss due to stress and seasonal factors, but also as a preventive treatment in susceptible people.


  • 100% brand new and high quality.
  • Ingredients: ginger, ginseng, loca festival, fleece-flower root, grape seed oil
  • The product makes the hair grow 2-3 times faster than the normal growing speed,  allowing it to form smooth and healthily.
  • For people whose hair grows slowly, people who need to grow hair faster, or people with inelastic, tangled, dull and brittle hair.
  • Usage: add 3ml hair growth essence into 100ml shampoo and stir evenly.
  • Specification: 20ml/bottle
  • Shelf life: two years, once opened use within four months to preserve active ingredients.



add 3ml hair grower essence into 100ml shampoo and stir evenly.



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